Recipe: Essence of Chicken


One small fresh young black chicken
*No other ingredients are necessary as this is essentially only chicken extracted into soup.

1. Wash the chicken
2. Chop off the head and legs.
3. Use the whole chicken without cutting into pieces.
4. Chicken is placed into covered porcelain container.
5. The porcelain container with the chicken inside is then placed into a bigger pot containing water.
6. The water is heated till boiling and a small flame is maintained to keep the water boiling for about 2 to 3 hours.
7. Double boil the chicken until the extracts from the chicken are collected into the dish.
8. The whole chicken should be boiled so soft that it can very easily disintegrate.
9. The chicken is removed whole and discarded though there are some people who would still enjoy the flesh.
10. The essence of chicken soup is drunk hot.

All the natural essence of the chicken is extracted into the soup.
This popular Chinese soup is for anyone who needs extra powerful nourishment such as after delivery during the confinement period.