Sweaty Palms

Article by Dr Chua Choon Lan

Sweaty Palms

Dr Chua Choon Lan

General Surgeon
Post-Graduate Training in UK with Western General Hospital (Edinburgh), Leeds General Hospital & St Bartholomew Hospital (London)
Post-Graduate Training in USA with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital (New York), Mayo Clinic (Minnesota), Cleveland Clinic (Ohio) & ND Anderson Cancer Centre (Houston)
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In the past, patients have to live with their socially embarrassing problem of sweaty palms or undergo major disfiguring operations. Now the problem can be dealt with by means of key-hole surgery - a single puncture hole is made in the side of the chest and the nerve ganglion(s) ablated. The cosmetic result is excellent and many patients’ lives are dramatically changed.

         Video-Assisted Sympathectomy for Sweaty Palms


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