Children - Weaning the Fussy Baby

Article by Dr Frances Woon Fong Choi

Children - Weaning the Fussy Baby

Dr Frances Woon Fong Choi

MBBS - University Of Singapore, 1965
M Med (Paed) - National University of Singapore, 1973
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It is true some babies prefer milk and are not keen to take other foods at some stage in their young life.  

Nevertheless parents should always try to introduce new taste and food at around 6 months of age. So parents have to try many methods to introduce the new taste and food to baby.

  • Besides milk, we have to introduce fruit juices like apple juice, grape juice, orange juice and other juices (of course not concentrated), soft fruits like small amount of bananas, papaya, apple, honey dew at least once a day etc.
  • Try starting with cereals. There are pre-cooked cereals that are sold in the supermarkets.
  • For Asian babies, usually we start with the rice cereals.
  • Just add water or milk according to the instructions. The cereal can be added into the milk bottle with the milk, and fed through the feeding bottle if the baby is not keen on spoon-feeding. Cereals can also be given by spoon.
  • Mothers can make barley water for the baby or barley can be pureed or mashed up and add into semi-solids for baby.
  • Rice porridge can be made interesting and tasty for baby.  
  • Use vegetable stock and add in vegetables like cut-up carrots or spinach and fish or minced meat nearer the end of cooking time.
  • The minced meat must be minced finely. Usually ask the butcher to mince twice. Some babies are very particular and do not eat if the minced meat taste "granular". 
  • Sometimes use chopped chicken liver, which is smoother.
  • Most babies have no problem with taking rice porridge. But now and then there will be a fussy baby who is not keen on rice porridge.
  • But if the baby is gaining weight, looks well and is active and cheerful, parents should not be too worried.
  • Just try introducing the semi-solids again a week or two later checking the flavor and that the minced meat is fine and not "granular". 

Eventually the baby will get use to the food and will eventually get used to spoon-feeding

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