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Our Doctors are very interested in keeping abreast with the latest developments in their medical fields, so these newsletter editions help to bring up important and stimulating discussions amongst the professional medical community. These newsletters are not only for doctors, as they also reach patients that are as keen on learning more about the developments in the field of medicine. We hope you all find them useful and informative!

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APRIL 2017

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus has been declared a global health emergency by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). An estimated 415 million adults worldwide have diabetes in 2015 and the number is projected to rise to 642 million by the year 2040. Not only is the treatment of diabetes important to avoid the possible complications, the need to prevent this chronic disease is equally, if not more, imperative. 

WRITERS / CONTRIBUTORS: Dr Abel Soh Wah Ek, Dr Peter Eng Hsi Ko, Dr Vivian Lim Chin Chin, Dr Alvin Ng Choong Meng, Dr Daphne Gardner VIEW NEWSLetter

Liver Cancer

Liver cancer remains a major health care concern especially in Asia. Prevention is better than treatment, and knowing the major aetiologies allow us to develop appropriate strategies to minimize future development of liver cancer. It is important to recongnize that curative treatment for liver cancer remains primarily surgical (both surgical resection and liver transplantation). Chemotherapy or immunotherapy plus radiotherapy although improving, still remain primarily palliative options. It is thus important to consider the treatment of this highly fatal cancer in a multi-disciplinary fashion, in order that the most appropriate treatment option is chosen for the patient. 

WRITERS / CONTRIBUTORS: Dr Lee Kang Hoe, Dr Lui Hock Foong, Dr Thomas Soh I Peng, Dr Daniel Tan Yat Harn, Dr John Wan Mun Chin, Dr Cheah Yee Lee VIEW NEWSLetter

Cataract Surgery

Age-related cataract is the leading cause of global blindness. It is the number one cause of reversible blindness in both developed an developing countries. Cataract surgery with Intra-ocular lens implantation remainds the mainstay of cataract management. Our faculty will provide an update on several pertinent aspects of cataract surgery in this newsletter. Great efforts have gone into research, innovation and education leading to advances in both technology and surgical techniques which make cataract surgery more efficacious and safer. 

WRITERS / CONTRIBUTORS: Asst Prof Allan Fong, Dr Mohamad Rosman, Dr Fam Han Bor, Dr John Wong Xin Hao, Dr Roland Yeoh VIEW NEWSLetter

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