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Welcome to 65Doctor's Health Article Portal! Explore and browse through articles that can help you better understand your health concerns and curiosities. Our Team and participating medical specialists are here to keep you in the know!

ENT - Do I have Sinus

It is not uncommon for a patient to walk into a clinic and say, “Doc, I have “sinus”. Not many people realise that everyone has sinuses!  WHAT ARE SINUSES? The precise medical term is paranasal sinuses. They are air-flled cavities surrounding the nasal cavity. Humans have four groups...
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Cancer - 21st Century Cancer Warfare

21st Century Cancer Warfare: A Glimpse into the Operations of a Modern Radiotherapy Unit Modern warfare has become highly complex over the past century, driven by advancements in strategies and technology as well as nations’ incessant drive to stay ahead of the game. In a similar fashion, the war...
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Back Pain - Causes of low back pain

Is your lower back weak? Lower back pain is the second most common reason for absence from work, after common flu. There are many causes of low back pain, but fortunately, most acute low back pain resolves after a period of six weeks. What causes lower back pain? The most common cause of low back pain...
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Zika virus infection

The Zika virus was first identified in monkeys in the Zika Forest, Uganda, in 1947. In 1952, this virus was found in humans in Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania. ​Zika and Pregnancy A Zika infection during pregnancy has been associated with an increased risk of microcephaly (when a baby is born...
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Pneumonia is inflammation of the airspaces in the lungs, most commonly due to an infection. Pneumonia is generally more serious when it affects older adults, infants and young children, those with chronic medical conditions, or those with weakened immune function. Causes Pneumonia may be caused by viruses,...
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ENT - Earwax

What is earwax? Earwax (Fig 1a &b) is a waxy material made of dead skin, debris and fatty secretions from the sebaceous glands and sweat glands in the lining of the ear canal. The medical term for wax is cerumen (pronounced as seh-ROO-men). Is earwax bad for me? Ear wax in small amounts is good...
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Insights within the medical community

Our Doctors are very interested in keeping abreast with the latest developments in their medical fields, so these newsletter editions help to bring up important and stimulating discussions amongst the professional medical community. These newsletters are not only for doctors, as they also reach patients that are as keen on learning more about the developments in the field of medicine. We hope you all find them useful and informative!