Adjunct A/Prof Charles Tsang Bih-Shiou

General Surgeon
34 years of experience


General Surgery  

Consultation Fee

$160 and above


MBBS (S’pore), M Med (Surgery), MS (Exp Surgery), FRCS (Edinburgh), FRCS (Glasgow), FAMS (Surgery)  

What I do

Adjunct A/Prof Charles Tsang Bih-Shiou provides clinical services such as:
- Colorectal cancer surgery
- Colon polyps / tumours
- Rectal polyps / tumours
- Anal fistulas
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- Constipation
- Faecal Incontinence
- Laparoscopic surgery
- Robotic surgery
- Endoscopy
- Endoanal and endorectal ultrasonography

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Clinic Locations

Colorectal Clinic Associates
Mt Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre
38 Irrawaddy Road 
Singapore 329563

Colorectal Clinic Associates
Gleneagles Medical Centre #05-07
6 Napier Road, S 258499

Colorectal Clinic Associates
Mt Alvernia Hospital Block A #02-28
820 Thomson Road, S 574623

Colorectal Clinic Associates
Farrer Park Medical Centre #14-12
1 Farrer Park Station Road
Singapore 217562
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Professional Statement

Dr Charles Tsang Bi-Shiou was Head, Division of Colorectal Surgery, University Surgical Cluster, National University Health System and Head, Division of Surgical Oncology, National University Cancer Institute when he left for private practice in 2012.

Dr Charles Tsang has vast experience in laparoscopic and robotic surgery for both cancers and benign disorders, proctology, advanced therapeutic endoscopy and functional bowel disorders such as constipation and incontinence.  He is a well known surgical oncologist in the treatment of locally advanced and recurrent colorectal cancer and a world renowned expert in the field of endoanal and endorectal ultrasonography. 

... See more [ + ]Dr Charles Tsang is also a pioneer surgeon in the development and promotion of the LIFT technique for treatment of anal fistulas in Singapore and the region. He was the first surgeon in Singapore and in the region to have performed sacral nerve modulation as well as implanted artificial bowel sphincters for faecal incontinence. 


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Languages Spoken

English, Indonesian, Hokkien, Cantonese, Mandarin


National University of Singapore Faculty of Medicine
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Awards and Publications

Outstanding Resident Scholar Award, 1997
People’s Association Award for Five Years of Dedicated Voluntary Service to the Community, 2003
NUH’s Excellent Service Star Award, 2008
NUH ‘s Gold Award, 2009

Dr Charles Tsang Bih-Shiou has held research grants from A*STAR and EXPLOIT.  He has authored and co-authored numerous papers in peer reviewed journals and has contributed to several book chapters. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the Korean Journal of Coloproctology as well as a reviewer with the Diseases of Colon and Rectum and the British Journal of Surgery.

Dr Charles Tsang is often invited to speak at international meetings for his expertise in the management of complex anal fistula and colorectal cancer.

See more [ + ]  Publications:
1. Selective Sedation For Colonoscopy
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2. Rectovaginal Fistulas
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Australia & New Zealand Journal of Surgery (May 2008) 13. Hand-assisted laparoscopic colectomy versus standard laparoscopic colectomy : A cost analysis
April Camilla Roslani, Koh D C, AsimShabbir, Wong Kutt Sing, Charles TsangBih-Shiou, Wong Hwee Bee, Cheong Wai Kit
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PMID: 23107468

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Professional Positions and Memberships

Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Surgery, National University of Singapore
Visiting Consultant, Department of Colorectal Surgery, Singapore General Hospital
Visiting Consultant, Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh, Malaysia
See more [ + ] Visiting Professor 3rd Affiliated Hospital, Traditional Chinese Medicine University, Nanjing
Member, Board of Governors of the Society for Endoscopic & Laparoscopic Surgeons of Asia
Fellow of the American Society of Colon & Rectal Surgeons
Honorary Fellow of The Bangladesh College of Physicians & Surgeons
Member, Society of Colorectal Surgeons Singapore
Member, Gastroenterological Society of Singapore
Member, Singapore Medical Association
Former Head, Division of Colorectal Surgery, University Surgical Cluster, National University Health System
Former Head, Division of Surgical Oncology, National University Cancer Institute, Singapore

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Accredited Hospitals

Gleneagles Hospital
Mount Alvernia Hospital
Mount Elizabeth Hospital
See more [ + ] Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital
Parkway East Hospital

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Insurances Accepted

Cigna / IXChange
Shenton Insurance
See more [ + ]Fullerton Healthcare
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