Premium Heart Examination

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Premium Heart Examination

A thorough and comprehensive assessment of your heart health.  For both women and men. 

Doctors who offer this package:


This package includes:

  • Consultation with cardiologist specialist doctor
  • Overall review by cardiologist specialist doctor (Total of 2 consultations)
  • Medical History
  • Physical Examination
  • Height/ Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body Fat & Body Fluid Composition Assessment
  • Waist & Hip Circumference and Ratio
  • Blood Pressure Evaluation 
  • Glycemic Status Evaluation
  • Blood Lipid Profile Assessment 
  • Coronary Risk Assessment
  • Laboratory Investigations: 

(a) Full Blood Count
(b) Peripheral blood film
(c) Liver function
(d) Kidney function
(e) Blood lipid profile
(f) Blood glucose
(g) HBA1C
(h) Gout screen (serum uric acid)
(i) Thyroid screen (Free T4 and TSH)
(j) Serum homocysteine
(k) hsCRP
(l) Urinalysis (UFEME)

  • Special Cardiac Investigations:

(a) Electrocardiogram (ECG)
(b) Colour doppler echocardiography 
(c) ECG Treadmill test



  • Before buying the medical services packages and paying for the vouchers, the customer must read Terms of Use and the information provided about the packages.
  • A voucher will be emailed to you when you buy the medical services package. 
    Print the voucher for redemption at doctor’s clinic.
  • The voucher can ONLY be used for the list of doctors who offer this package. 
    Other doctors will NOT accept the voucher for this package. 
  • Booking is ALWAYS required for doctors’ appointments to redeem the voucher and is subject to availability. 
    Doctors' appointments have to be booked through 65doctor for the voucher redemption.
    You can book a doctor’s appointment in 3 ways:
    (1) Instant online booking at
    (2) Email to
    (3) Call our hotline +65 6473 8123 during office hours
  • The patient must show the voucher to the clinic BEFORE seeing the doctor. 
    Otherwise, the clinic cannot accept the voucher and the patient will have to pay for all services rendered by the clinic. 
  • The voucher does NOT include medication, treatment, investigations and other items that are not listed in the package details. 
  • The voucher cannot be used together with any other promotions, discounts or vouchers. 
    The voucher cannot be used if payment is made through insurance or managed health care or a third party provider. 
  • For more detailed information, read Terms of Use
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