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Our Doctors are very interested in keeping abreast with the latest developments in their medical fields, so these newsletter editions help to bring up important and stimulating discussions amongst the professional medical community. These newsletters are not only for doctors, as they also reach patients that are as keen on learning more about the developments in the field of medicine. We hope you all find them useful and informative!

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This newsletter is on Assisted Reproduction (AR) with contributors from China, Brazil, Germany, Malaysia and Singapore. It is designed to give the reader an idea of what AR is about and the current issues in the field.

WRITERS / CONTRIBUTORS: Prof. Ng Soon-Chye, Dr Jayanthi Arasoo, Dr Hon Sook Kit, Prof. Liu Ping, Prof. Dongzi Yang, Dr Matheus Roque, Prof Tong Guo Qing, Prof Markus Montag VIEW NEWSLetter
JULY 2018

Hearing Loss

This Newsletter issue on Hearing Loss covers:

1) Otosclerosis and its latest treatments.
2) Management of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss.
3) Cognitive maintenance and rehabilitation with better hearing.
4) Cochlear Implants: Helping when hearing aids can't.
5) Ossicular Chain diseases and Ossiculoplasties.
6) Benefits of hearing aids for the treatment of Hearing Loss.
7) Achieving Best Speech & Language Outcomes with Hearing Aids and Hearing Implants through Auditory-        Verbal Therapy
8) Bone Conduction Hearing Device and Implants

WRITERS / CONTRIBUTORS: Dr Barrie Tan, Dr Thong Jiun Fong, Manfred Stoifl, Benjamin Harden, Leem Pei Shan, Mandy Phua VIEW NEWSLetter
JULY 2018


This newsletter issue on Hypertension covers:

1) Comparison of the 2017 ACC/AHA Hypertension Guidelines and the Singapore 2017 CPG (Clinical Practice      Guidelines) on Hypertension.
2) How best to use anti-hypertensive drugs in the era of intensive BP lowering to achieve BP goal targets.
3) Different blood pressure parameters and their significance.
4) Non-pharmacological intervention to lower blood pressure.
5) Hypertension and Atrial Fibrillation



WRITERS / CONTRIBUTORS: Dr Peter Yan, Dr Koo Chee Choong, Dr Peter Ting, Charmaine Toh, Dr Jeremy Chow VIEW NEWSLetter

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