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Dr Tan Kai Chah

General Surgeon
Asian American Liver Centre
Gleneagles Hospital Annexe
6A Napier Road, S 258500

Professional Statement

Dr Tan Kai Chah is a renowned liver surgeon practising at Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore. He specialises in hepatobiliary surgery and liver transplants and has trained, practised and worked in the United Kingdom.

During his time in the United Kingdom, Dr Tan pioneered various liver transplant procedures for both adults and paediatric patients; these include the first ‘split-liver’ transplant, the first auxiliary liver graft, five combined liver-kidney procedures and two combined heart-liver transplant.

Dr Tan spent six years as the senior liver transplant surgeon in King’s College Hospital, London, where he trained 26 surgeons and performed more than 400 procedures. He also advised and helped implement the Irish National Liver Transplant Programme at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin.

In 1994, Dr Tan returned to Southeast Asia and set up his private practice, the Asian Centre for Liver Diseases & Transplantation (ACLDT), in Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore and the Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

From 1996 to March 2002, Dr Tan was director of the Liver Transplant Programme at Singapore’s National University Hospital, where he performed 72 transplants, both adult and paediatric. He also started a Living Donor Liver Transplant (LDLT) programme at SJMC in 1995, where he has performed more than 50 procedures before he left.

Dr Tan’s work primarily involves general hepatobiliary surgery and liver transplantation. In January 2002, Dr Tan and his team at Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore were authorised to perform LDLTs. In April that same year, Dr Tan performed the first successful adult-to-adult LDLT in Southeast Asia. To date, the team in Gleneagles Hospital has performed more than 240 LDLT procedures.

What I do

Dr Tan Kai Chah provides clinical services, such as:
* Liver Transplantation
* Hepatobiliary Surgery
* Fatty Liver
* Liver cancer
* Liver Cirrhosis
* Viral Hepatitis
* Chronis Liver Diseases
* Acute Liver Diseases

Dr Tay Khoon Hean

General Surgeon

Tay Khoon Hean Surgery
Gleneagles Medical Centre #08-02
6 Napier Road, S 258499

Professional Statement

Dr Tay Khoon Han is a General Surgeon practicing at Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore. Dr Tay Khoo Hean is multilingual and speaks English, Mandarin, Malay, and French.

He completed his MBBS from the National University of Singapore in 1988. Dr Tay Khoo subsequently obtained his surgical fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow in 1995. He completed his Advanced Surgical Training in General Surgery in April 1998. His subspecialty training was done under the tutelage of two world renowned surgeons.

Dr Tay Khoon Hean areas of expertise are in hepatopancreatobiliary (HPB) and advanced laparoscopic (minimally invasive surgery) surgery with particular emphasis on difficult gallbladder and bile duct operations, laparoscopic Nissen’s fund oplication, lap banding for obesity, major hepatic resections utilizing the French techniques and the latest techniques in pancreas resectional operations, the pylorus-preserving pancreatoduodenectomy (PPPD) for cancers of the head of pancreas.

He was awarded a Traveling Fellowship Scholarship from the Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow to understudy Prof Alfred Cushieri in Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, Scotland for advance laparoscopic surgery.

In addition to serving various medical committees both locally and internationally (including the Academy of Tropical Surgery, World Health Organization), Dr Tay Khoon Hean was previously a committee member in the Singapore Swimming Association and a council member of the North-West Community Development Council (CDC).

What I do

Dr Tay Khoon Hean provides clinical services such as:
* Liver Surgery
* Laparoscopic Surgery
* Pancreatic Surgery
* General Surgery
* Outpatient Surgery

Prof Abu Rauff

General Surgeon

Surgery A Pte Ltd
Mt E Medical Centre #12-12
3 Mount Elizabeth, S 228510

Professional Statement

Prof Abu Rauff obtained his MBBS in Calcutta in 1962, completed his M.Med in Delhi and subsequently underwent subspecialty training in the UK.  From 1985 to 1988, he chaired the Department of Surgery at the Singapore General Hospital, and later the National University Hospital from 1988 to 1992.  In 1990, Prof Rauff participated in Singapore’s first liver transplant at the National University Hospital.

Prof Abu Rauff is a very experienced senior surgeon who trained many of the top surgeons in practice today. He is still actively involved in teaching clinical surgery to both undergraduate and post graduate students.  He also participates in research projects at the National University Hospital.

Prof Abu Rauff’s main specialty is Endocrinology.  His other areas of specialisation/Interest are Breast & Endocrine Surgery, Hepato-Biliary, Pancreative Surgery, Upper G.I. Surgery, Oncology and Renal Transplant.

What I do

Professor Rauff's areas of specialization/ Interest include:
- General Surgery (especially on abdominal organs, such as intestines, esophagus,
   stomach, small bowel, colon, liver, pancreas, gallbladder and bile ducts)
- Endocrine Surgery on thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal & pancreas.
- Diseases of the skin, breast, soft tissue
- Hernias
- Renal Transplant

Dr Tan Yu Meng

General Surgeon

Fem Surgery Pte Ltd
Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre, #05-02
3 Mount Elizabeth Road, S 228510

FeM Surgery Pte Ltd
Mt E Novena Specialist Centre
38 Irrawaddy Road, S 329563

Professional Statement

Dr Tan Yu Meng was trained in advanced hepatobiliary surgery and liver transplantation at the world renowned Liver Unit of Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, UK. He furthered his skills in living donor liver transplantation under the guidance of Professor K Kanaka in Japan.  He led a team to perform the first successful spilt liver transplant at SGH in 2007 and the first combined Heart-Liver Transplantation in Asia in 2009.

Dr Tan left for private practice in May 2010. He is the founder and chief surgeon of ‘FeM Surgery’ at Parkway Hospitals, a multidisciplinary practice. He leads the Gallstone Liver Centre @ FeM and the Cancer Surgery & Peritonectomy Centre@ FeM which provide treatment and care for patients with cancer and gallstones, liver and gastrointestinal diseases.

What I do

Dr Tan Yu MEng provides clinical services such as:
- Cancer Surgery
- Gastrointestinal Surgery
- Hepatobiliary-pancreatic Surgery
- Liver Transplant
- Surgery for Peritoneal Malignancies
- Laparoscopic Surgery
- Gastroscopy
- Colonoscopy

Dr Lewis Liew


Lewis Liew Urology
Gleneagles Medical Centre #04-16
6 Napier Road, S 258499

Lewis Liew Urology
Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre #04-27/28
38 Irrawaddy Road
Singapore 329563

Professional Statement

Dr Liew graduated in 1992 from University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. He then continued his basic surgicaltraining in the United Kingdom and obtained his surgical fellowship, from the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh in 1997. He subsequently joined the Advanced Urological Training Program at National University Hospital, Singapore in 1998. He completed his urological specialist training in 2002. He is Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore as well as Fellow of Royal College of Surgeon of Edinburgh. Dr Liew spent a year as Clinical Fellow in Endourology and Laparoscopy under the mentorship of Dr Adrian Joyce, at St. James’ University Hospital, Leeds, United Kingdom. He has been involved as faculty and instructor in numerous laparoscopic courses and workshops. He underwent Robotic Surgery training in 2006 and has experienced in Robotic Assisted Prostatectomy using the Da Vinci Robot.

Dr Liew was appointed as Consultant Urologist in 2004 following his return from his fellowship training in United Kingdom. He established a comprehensive laparoscopic service in Urology at the Department of Urology, National University Hospital. He has performed various innovative laparocopic urological surgeries including laparoscopic prostatectomy, nephrectomy, nephroureterectomy, revision of peritoneal dialysis catheter, ureterolithotomy, Boari flap reimplantation of ureter, and pyeloplasty.

Dr Liew started his private practice at Gleneagles Hospital in 2007. He is a fully gazetted Kidney Transplant Surgeon and member of the National Kidney Transplant Team, Ministry of Health, Singapore. Dr Liew has numerous publications in peer reviewed local and international medical journals and book chapters. He has been invited to deliver lecture at many local and regional meetings and continuous medical education activities.

Dr Liew is a life member and the current Treasurer of the Singapore Urological Association. He is also a member of the Societe Internationale d’Urologie and Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgeons of Asia.

What I do

Dr Lewis Liew provides consultation, diagnosis and treatment, including surgery for:
- Cancerous (malignant) diseases of the urinary tract 
- Non-cancerous (benign) diseases of the urinary tract
- Cancer of the prostate, kidney and bladder
- Urinary leakage / incontinence
- Benign prostatic hyperplasia
- Kidney stones

Dr Toh Khai Lee


Toh Khai Lee Urology Clinic
Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre #05-05
3 Mount Elizabeth, S 228510

Professional Statement

Dr Toh Khai Lee is a certified specialist in Urology and a gazetted Kidney Transplant surgeon in Singapore.  His areas of interests in Urology include Reconstructive urology, Urodynamics and Voiding dysfunction / urinary leakage.  He was the first in the region to use botulinum (Botox®, Irvine, California) to control urinary leakage in patients with spinal cord injuries. 

Dr Toh is recognised by his peers as an expert in surgery involving the urethra as well as reconstructive surgery of the bladder and ureters affected by trauma or disease.   He has directed courses and instructed in Urodynamics, which deals with the functions of the bladder and urethra. 

Dr Toh also treats urinary stone diseases and urological cancers including kidney, bladder and prostate cancers using minimally invasive surgical techniques – Endourology, Laparoscopy & Robotic Surgery.  

What I do

Dr Toh Kai Lee provides clinical services such as:
- Kidney Transplant
- Urinary reconstruction
- Urinary incontinence / leakage in males and females
- Urinary incontinence / leakage in males and females
- Urinary / kidney stones
- Prostate Cancer & Diseases
- Urological Cancers such as kidney & bladder cancers
- Laparoscopic & robotic surgeries

Dr Li Man Kay


Li Man Kay Urology Associates
Mt. Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre
38 Irrawaddy Road, S 329563

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Professional Statement

Dr. Li graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from National University of Singapore. He obtained Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland and Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons. Dr. Li went on and received Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and Fellow Academy of Medical Sciences.

Before starting his private practice in 2003, he was Director of Urology Centre at Singapore General Hospital and then Associate Professor and Chief of Department of Urology which he established in 2002 at National University Hospital. With his contribution to the regional societies, he was elected to be the Presidents of both the Association of University Surgeons of Asia and the Asian Surgical Association. He is currently a member on the Advisory Committee on Transplantation, Ministry of Health and Asian Erectile Dysfunction Advisory Counsel.

Dr. Li is internationally known for his contribution in renal transplantation and has pioneered hand assisted laparoscopic donor nephrectomy in Singapore in March 2002. His surgical expertise includes bladder replacement and renal cancer with IVC involvement. He had more than S$4 million in research projects.

Dr. Li has published over 180 articles in peer review journals, 120 conference papers, 80 invited lectures/workshops and many contributions to books and monographs. As a key opinion leader in Urology and erectile dysfunction Dr. Li has been quoted in local and international media in many occasions.

What I do

Dr Li Man Kay provides consultation, diagnosis and treatment, including surgery for:
- Cancerous (malignant) diseases 
- Non-cancerous (benign) diseases 
- Cancer of the prostate, kidney and bladder
- Urinary leakage / incontinence
- Benign prostatic hyperplasia
- Kidney stones
- Kidney Transplant

Dr Raj Jeyaraj Prema

General Surgeon

Prema Raj Liver & General Surgery
Gleneagles Annexe Block 
#01-39, 6A Napier Road
Singapore 258500

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Professional Statement

Dr Jeyaraj Prema Raj is a General Surgeon practicing at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore. He is currently surgical Director of the Living Donor Liver Transplant Program in Mount Elizabeth Hospital and also a Senior Consultant, Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic/Transplant Surgery surgeon in Singapore General Hospital. His practice includes specialized areas such as complex biliary reconstruction, surgery for Klatskin Tumors, major liver surgery requiring hepatic vascular isolation, porto-caval shunting and major pancreatic operations.

Dr Prema Raj completed his MBBS from the National University of Singapore in 1982 and went on to do his Fellowship examinations in Edinburgh and Glasgow in 1987. He obtained a Masters in Surgery from NUS in 1987.

From 1990 to 1992 he was awarded a HMDP (Health Manpower Development Plan) Scholarship, by the Ministry of Health Singapore, to train in Liver transplantation and Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery in France. From 1990 to 1991 he trained in Hospital Paul Brousse in Paris. From 1991 to 1992 he worked in Hospital Cochin in Paris. During this time he was involved in pioneering work in Reduced Size Liver Grafts and Split Liver Grafts for Liver Transplantation in adults and children.

On his return to Singapore, he started and developed the Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgical Service in Tan Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore. In 1995 as a Consultant Surgeon in the Singapore General Hospital he started the Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgical Service there. He then began what was to become long term collaboration with Prof Koichi Tanaka, Head of Kyoto University Liver Transplant Team then, in Living Donor Liver Transplantation in 1996.

He started private practice in Hepato-Biliary and Pancreatic Surgery in 2000 at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. In 2004 he was asked by SingHealth to help start the Liver Transplant Service in Singapore General Hospital. This became the 2nd Liver Transplant Centre in Singapore after NUH. As Surgical Director of Liver Transplantation in SGH he pioneered the Piggy Back Technique in Cadaveric Liver transplantation, the use of a new preservation solution and trained the surgeons there.

What I do

Dr Prema Raj provides clinical services such as:
- Complex biliary reconstruction
- Surgery for Klatskin Tumors
- Major liver surgery requiring hepatic vascular isolation
- Porto-caval shunting and major pancreatic operations

General surgical practice includes:
- Surgery of the esophagus and stomach
- Colorectal surgery
- Laparoscopic surgery
- Piles surgery
- Gastric bypass surgery and bile duct surgery

Dr Anthony Heng

General Surgeon

Anthony Heng Surgery
Gleneagles Medical Centre #05-02
6 Napier Road
Singapore 258499

Professional Statement

Dr Anthony Heng is a General Surgeon at Anthony Heng Surgery in Gleneagles Medical Centre.

He completed his MBBS in 1995 at the National University of Singapore, FRCSEd (Gen Surg) in 1969 at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, UK, FRCS (Gen Surg) in 1969 at the Royal College of Surgeons, UK and FAMS (Gen Surg) in 1971 at the Academy of Medicine, Singapore.

Dr Anthony Heng is multilingual and speak several languages such as English, Mandarin, and Malay . His clinical works involve Lumbar Puncture, Colorectal Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery and Endoscopy.

Dr Anthony Heng has a special interest in Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery, Hepato-Biliary and Pancreatic Surgery, and is a member of the Mt. Elizabeth Liver Transplant Team.

What I do

Dr Anthony Heng provides clinical services such as:
* Lumbar Puncture
* Colorectal Surgery
* Laparoscopic Surgery
* Endoscopy
* Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery
* Hepato-bilary Surgery
* Pacreatic Surgery